From the Richmond Dispatch, 1/24/1903, p. 6, c. 2

Negro Fleming Hit on the Back of His Head With Sledge Hammer.

An assault which was peculiar in its result upon the victim was made at the Tredegar Works yesterday. A negro named Fleming, while at work, was approached from behind by another laborer at the works, and struck on the back of the head with a sledge hammer.

The man fell to the ground, and the ambulance was called. The man was not thought to be greatly injured, and was taken to his home, a house in the rear of No. 1 south Third street. Last night his eyes began to swell, and in a short time he was stone blind.

The doctors say that his case is not dangerous as the inflammation has only developed in the front of the head. The man suffers intensely from the blow, but will be out in a short time.

As soon as he is well enough to appear a warrant will be sworn out for the man who made the assault.

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