From the Richmond Dispatch, 5/15/1863, p. 1, c. 6

Hustings Court, Thursday, May 14th. – Present Recorder Caskie, Senior Alderman Sanxay, and Aldermen Timberlake, Lipscomb, and Garey.

Fendail Thomas and Charles Porter, two boys, formerly newspaper carriers, were examined for stealing three reams of paper from Adolphus Morris on the 20th of April. The parties entered Mr. Morris’ store under pretence that they wanted to purchase a lot of paper, and took the opportunity of helping themselves to the two reams when the clerk’s back was turned. They gave it to Robert Perdie to keep for them. Thomas and Porter were sent on, and Perdie acquitted.

George M. Williamson was appointed by the High Constable one of his deputies and qualified as such before the Court.

John Orrell was examined and sent before Judge Lyons’s Court for trial for breaking into James Walsh’s store on the 26th of April and stealing a large quantity of goods; also, for breaking into Morris Nelson’s, on the 25th of April, and stealing jewelry and clothing, and for breaking into William Allan’s house, on the 25th of April, and stealing a lot of silver ware.

The case of Forde, for the homicide of Dixon, was called and continued until Friday. Rules were awarded against Jas. Beale, Benj. Housman, and A. W. Shead, Commonwealth’s witnesses.

John W. Butler was examined and sent on for final trial for having, on the 16th of April, out and wounded Albert N. Hendle, with intent to kill him

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