George W. Alexander Amnesty File, M1003, National Archives

Detroit Mich., Oct. 17th 1865.

To His Excellency
Andrew Johnson
President of the United States of America


Permit me most respectfully to ask you a pardon for participation in the late rebellion. I am a citizen of Virginia, Thirty six (36) years of age, an Engineer (steam) by profession. I was a Captain in the Rebel Army – whilst a private I was ordered with others to assist in the capture of the Steamer St. Nicholas, this I fear brings me under Exception 11 in your Excellency’s proclamation. I have taken the required oath of Amnesty. I am a good mechanic. My Father and Mother have both died during the war – I am very poor and the family depend upon my daily toil for support. Should you be pleased to pardon me I will endeavor to the best of my abilities to prove an honest citizen – observing scrupulously all my obligations and will always be

Your obt and humble servt
Geo. W. Alexander

I am fully satisfied that Mr. Alexander will henceforth be true in his allegiance to the U. S. & therefore earnestly recommend his pardon. Detroit Oct. 18, ‘‘65

J. M Howard
U. S. Senator

I concur with Senator Howard.

Z. Chandler.
M. S.

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