William A. Carrington CSR (M331) (no. 31): Inspection Report of General Hospital #3

Richmond Oct. 16,1862

Medl Director Gaillard:

I have the honor to report that I this day inspected Genl Hospl No 3. in the Building known as Gilham's Factory owned by (?) Glazebrook. Rent said to be $150.00 per annum. It is situated on Bird Island near the James River in a retired(?) part of the City and has been occupied since August 13, 1861. There is a yard surrounding the building and flat Roofs (used for drying tobacco) of an adjoining shed serves as a portico for the patients. The Building consists of a brick edifice 4 stories high & a near(?) building 2 stories high. A large shed in shape of letter L is on the left hand of the main building & affords(?) a ward room a dead house & property room.

The1st floor is divided by partitions into an office Dining Room Liquor Room & guard room. The 2nd floor is used as a ward & has privies in it & one(?) Bath Room. The 3rd has cut off from the ward a small room for operating room & lodging rooms for the Matron. The 4th floor is an garret & is not used for Hospl purposes. The small building in the rear partly occupied has on the 2nd floor an Apothecary Shop well filled up & on the 1st floor a Kitchen with room on it for Servants and a Mess room for Stewards & officers & a leisure(?) room.

Surgeon A.Y.P. Garnett P.A.C.S. is in charge he was in the U.S. Navy & was appointed in April 1861 in taking charge Sept. 10. & was for some time one of the Members of the board of examioners of Applicants for Admission to the Medical Dept of the Army.

T. (~~) Dandidge AAS is the only other Medl officer employed June 21st 1862 by Surgeon Genl Moore at $80 per month Hospital Steward Booth (?) Archer assissted by (~~) July 15th 1862 receives only the regular pay of the Army $21per month. All the forms necessary in receiving & Medl Stores & supplies have been duly observed. The beds are numbered the rooms daily inspected by Surgeon in Charge (~~) A.A.S. is always on duty. Very strict rules & regulations are conspicuously displayed and observed. Inspecting in order of the private(?) forms I found the whole Stewards Dept Cleanly neat & well ordered. The washing done at the C.S. Steam Hospl & Iron Laundresses are employed. The Hospl attendants and slightly in excess of the allowance (~)ter on both floors.

There are privies on the 1st & 2 floor well arranged and in good condition. They are constructed according to the latest improvement in plumbing.

The Hospl Records are in very neat order as far as Register, Case, Prescription & Diet book. But the Reports of sick & wounded, Copies of Requisitions, order & letter books exhibited as they existed only in loose papers. The Hospl Fund act & Reports have been handed in. At the rendition of last Hospl report for Sept there was $659.46 due Hospl Fund act & now $475 on hand. Provision returns are kept on file.

Rations are no longer sold. Bread is bought & not baked. Gas Bills have not been paid. They are chargeable against the Hospl Fund. Candles have been drawn & used. It is expected in cases when gas is used that they should be commanded(?) to pay the Gas bill.

The clean floors of this Hospl especially attracted my attention. The windows were cleanly and curtained.

A matron and two nurses are engaged and used in the building superior tending the administration of Medicines & _____ and the linen room & laundry.

The good order of a Man of War seemed to exist at this Hospl.

I find that the effects of Soldiers diseased are not___ by the Rec___ unless they are valuables. I recommend that

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