Jackson Warner Compiled Service Record, M331, National Archives


Capt., Commissary Department

From Maryland

9/21/1861   Appointed Capt.

9/28/1861   Accepted rank, Richmond, Va.

11/2/1861   Paid $280 for “2 months services as Commissary at the Confederate States prison from 21 July to 21 Sept. This service was rendered while I was a citizen & before I recd my appointment as Captain in the Subsistence Department.” J. H. Winder signs.

12/13/1861  Confirmed

9/8/1862   Appears on a report of names of officers and agents who have failed to render their accounts for the quarter ending 3/31/1862, Second Auditor’s Office, Richmond, Va.

3/29/1864   “Out of command by virtue of non-assignment, S. O. 74” (p. 2)

p. 10 important but illegible

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