From the Richmond Dispatch, 4/19/1862

Distressing Case of Drowning. – A son of Mr. John M. Francisco, Commissioner of the Revenue for Jefferson Ward, named Edward, while playing yesterday, about 11 o'clock, between a pile of lumber and the edge of the dock, in rear of the C. S. military prison, on 20th street, accidentally lost his footing and fell into the water. His companions were too small to render assistance, and those present who were capable were too selfish to expose their lives in an endeavor to get him out, and he finally sunk to the bottom, not, however, before one of the Yankee prisoners had earnestly solicited permission to rescue the drowning lad, and been refused the privilege by the party in charge of his person at the moment. If we knew the name of the Yankee we would give it, that he might at least receive the thanks due to all who mean well. After some half hour had elapsed, a negro sailor from a sloop approached the spot in a boat and succeeded in getting hold of the body with grappling irons and drawing it to the surface. It was taken to Dr. Higginbotham, surgeon of the prison, in hope that he might, by his skill and the use of medical appliances, restore it to life, but, as was to be expected, he was unsuccessful. The father of the little boy learned of the disaster after it had occurred some time, and was nearly overwhelmed with grief at the loss of his son. The funeral will take place on Sunday morning at 10 o'clock, from the residence of his parents, on 23d, between Main and Franklin streets.

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