From the Richmond Enquirer, 5/10/1862, p. 2, c. 6

THE WILLIAMSBURG PRISONERS. – These deluded individuals are now recruiting their health and strength in the spacious saloons of the Libby warehouse. There are among them seven commissioned officers, namely: Lieut. Col. Lewis Benedict, jr., of the 73d New York Regiment; Capt. R. H. Lee, Company I, 74th New York; Captain Martin Willis, Company K, 74th New York; Capt. Benj. Price, Company D, 70th New York; Captain Alex. Drake, Company H, 33d New York; 1st Lieut. B. S. Chamberlayne, Quartermaster 8th Ills., 2d Lieut W. H. Kinley, Company D, 6th New Jersey. There are a number of prisoners among them who were attached to to [sic] Sickles' Brigade, who, we are informed by a gentleman who has conversed with them, was not, according to their account, on the field of the fight. – One of them stated to our informant that he was in Washington under arrest, and either had been, or already was, cashiered. The story, therefore, of his having been wounded in the late engagement, seems more improbable than ever.

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