From the Richmond Dispatch, 7/16/1861, p. 2

Arrival of Prisoners. - Lieut. J. C. Schemerhorn, of the Alabama Regiment, and Corporal Collins, of the Orleans Cadets, together with a squad of six privates, arrived in Richmond yesterday, via York River Railroad, in charge of a number of prisoners lately captured in the vicinity of Yorktown . On their arrival they carried the Hessians before the Adjutant General, who ordered them to be confined in the prison depot on Main street. - Eleven of the prisoners were taken in the fight near Bethel last Friday; two are members of an Abolition regiment formed of the scum of Baltimore, who were taken by our scouts, just as they were coming over to deliver themselves up. Our men think they were out foraging and got in a tight place, which is not unlikely is the true solution of the matter. One of the prisoners is a man who has been living near Bethel for a number of years, and who has been in the habit lately of giving the enemy information of the movements of our troops, their number, &c. He would sometimes resort to the artifice of coming into the camp and selling a few ginger cakes, and taking a few observations, depart for the congenial companionship of his Abolition allies. One of the prisoners is a member of Peyton's Artillery, (said to be a native of North Carolina,) who is charged by his Captain with treason. The fifteen prisoners and their guard were sent on by Gen. Hill, and started from Yorktown at five o'clock Sunday evening, got to West Point at 10 o'clock the same night, having been detained at Gloucester Point awaiting for the member of the Peyton Artillery. The cortege started from West Point yesterday morning with their prisoners.

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