From the Richmond Dispatch, 2/24/1862, p. 2, c. 3

Exodus of Yankees. – In pursuance of an agreement entered into by the Secretary of War with the Hessians, the remaining Federal prisoners in Richmond, were paroled on Saturday night and sent to Newport News, under the usual pledge not to fight until exchanged. They went down to the river in charge of Capt. A. C. Godwin. The party consisted of 17 commissioned officers; 344 non commissioned officers and privates, and 10 negroes – one of the latter being Robert Holloway, body servant of Gen. Burnside. – The steamer William Allison, that carried away the above parties, took along, also, Mr. Roswell M. Shurtleff, the artist of the New York Illustrated News, who was wounded and captured near Hampton last June, when Dr. Rawlings was killed. He had been staying in the county jail ever since getting out of the hospital, and while here had conducted himself as a gentleman. There are now only 138 prisoners left in Richmond, and they consist of disloyal citizens, Yankee deserters, and offending Confederates. For their security the usual guard is kept up. We learn that the smaller portion of Ross's factory will be occupied in future as a hospital, and Howard's factory, on south Main street, will be kept as a prison. The following is a list of the Yankee officers who left on Saturday, viz:

Col. M. Cogswell, 42d New York regiment.
Col. W. R. Lee, 20th Massachusetts regiment.
Col. A. M. Wood, 14th New York regiment.
Maj. P. J. Revere, 20th Massachusetts regiment.
Capt. Henry Bowman, Company C, 15th Massachusetts regiment.
Capt. T. J. Keffer, Company N, 1st California regiment.
Capt. G. W. Rockwood, Company A, 15th Massachusetts regiment.
Capt. R. Williams, Company E, 12th Indiana regiment.
Lieut. C. F. Freeman, Company F, 1st Virginia regiment.
Lieut. J. E. Green, Company C, 15th Massachusetts regiment.
Lieut. W. C. Harris, Company H, 1st California regiment.
Lieut. B. F. Hancock, Company I, 19th Indiana regiment.
Lieut. C. B. Hall, Company G, 1st Virginia regiment.
Lieut. Engineer W. E. Merrill, U. S. army.
Lieut. B. B. Vassall, Company E, 15th Massachusetts regiment.
Lieut. Geo. H. Wallace, Company K, 42d New York regiment.
Surgeon E. H. R. Revere, 20th Massachusetts regiment.

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