From the Richmond Enquirer, 8/11/1862, p. 1, c. 6

THE HOWARD HOSPITAL. – The admirable method upon which this Hospital is conducted has induced our Medical Directory to constitute it a permanent establishment. It is a large well lighted and ventilated building, situated on the North side of Main Street, between 25th and 26th. Dr. Addison C. Fox is the Surgeon in charge, assisted by Surgeons John F. ????, J. Talbot, and John H. Curd. The Apothecary department is in charge of an able Chemist.

The high compliment paid the management of the Howard Hospital is eminently well deserved, as every visitor will at once cheerfully conclude upon examining its various apartments. Every ward is kept scrupulously clean and neat, the beds are always tidy and comfortable, and the continual current of air commanded by the position of the building renders the atmosphere throughout pleasant and pure.

A large bath-room (including shower and plunge baths) has been erected within the Hospital for the benefit of the patients, and has, of course, proven a vast advantage.

The operating rooms, in which so many "scenes of blood" occur, are never permitted to remain one moment longer than necessary, distinguished by the gory traces that accompany the operations, and by this means are always as free from the disagreeable odors of decomposed blood as the outer air.

Every separate department, in fact, is noticeable for its neatness. But the most pleasing, and, at the same time, the most convincing evidence of the superior character the Hospital is that, although the number of its patients and the severe nature of their injuries and affections have been in no wise of less importance than those of other hospitals, the mortality has, thus far, amounted to but six per cent. We believe that no other institution of the kind in the city has been able to report a mortality of less than eight per cent.

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