From the Richmond Dispatch, 2/19/1863, p. 1, c. 4

Lodged in the Penitentiary – John McGinness, convicted of stealing a horse from John S. Dorsett, and sentenced to five years in the Penitentiary, and John Boyd, convicted of grand larceny in stealing $28 from O. M. Hancock, and sentenced to two years by Judge Lyons, were conveyed to the Penitentiary on Tuesday evening by the City Sergeant. When these prisoners were being carried to the City Jail on Tuesday evening, Boyd and McGinness were handcuffed together and walking by the side of Mr. Dudley, John Phelps being between two assistants of the Sergeant, walking in front. The cortege had gotten to the African Church on its way to the Jail when Boyd adroitly slipped off his handcuffs and McGinness ran off – The Sergeant then threw down his umbrella and divested himself of his cloak, and pursued the fugitive, who ran down to the Medical College and turned up Marshall street. After an exciting race of several squares the Sergeant overhauled and recaptured McGinness on Marshall street, near 10th. During the time pursuit was being made Boyd was secured. Phelps, alias Dunbar, on the disappearance of his comrade (McGinness) around the corner of the College, took up the Sergeant's cast off cloak and umbrella and conveyed them to the jail, perfectly unmoved by the scene that was enacted in his presence.

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