From the Richmond Dispatch, 2/3/1863, p. 1, c. 6

Emeute in the City Jail. – There was a considerable emeute among the prisoners in the City Jail during Sunday night. After being locked up on that night they, by a preconcerted arrangement, commenced doing all the damage they could in the cells and other parts of the structure within reach, and by yesterday morning had succeeded in effecting considerable mischief, besides liberating a number of scoundrels. When the jailor went yesterday morning to open the gate, as usual, they offered violent opposition, declaring that the first cus who attempted the operation would be killed. It was found necessary to call in the aid of the City Battalion, by whose assistance the ring-leaders were secured and bucked. The jail is now, and has been a long time, filled to overflowing with an assortment of the grandest scamps in the Confederacy.

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