From the Richmond Commercial Bulletin, 10/30/1865, p. 3, c. 2

AN EXCAPING PRISONER SHOT BY THE GUARD. – On Friday, Peter Cummings was brought before Captain Hoysradt, charged with being drunk on the street. Being found guilty, he was sentenced to ten days confinement in Castle Thunder, but on arriving at that institution he was recognized by Capt. O’Brien as a prisoner who had escaped from the city jail where he had been confined by the Military Commission for horse stealing, and the prisoner was accordingly ordered back to his old quarters.
On Saturday morning, however, while on his way to jail, Cummings made a desperate attempt to escape, and after being ordered to halt, to which command he paid no attention, Eugene Drake, Co. K, 4th Mass. Cavalry, fired upon him, the ball striking him just above the right hip, ranging towards the spinal column, inflicting a wound from which his chances of recovery are extremely doubtful.

Since writing the above, we learn that the wound is not so serious as was at first supposed, and does not endanger the life of the prisoner.

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