From the Richmond Enquirer, 11/21/1861, p. 3, c. 6

CHARGED WITH SHOOTING AT PRISONERS OF WAR. - Robert H. Lloyd, a member of a Virginia regiment recently detached as a guard for the Confederate States' prisons, was yesterday arraigned upon the charge of firing at the prisoners through the window of a tobacco warehouse in which they were confined. The alleged offence was committed on the 19th of October last, while the accused was doing guard duty, the cause of the shooting being, as the prisoner asserts, an attempt on the part of the prisoners to escape through the window. It was proven, however, that the sash of the window referred to was closed at the time of the shooting, and that an officer of the prison was in the room with the prisoners at the time, and himself nearest to the window. Fortunately no one was injured by the mistaken zeal of the sentry, who is thought to have been laboring under delirium tremens at the time of the occurrence.

Captain G. C. Gibbs, Confederate States Provost Marshal of the prisons, stated, in reply to a question of the Mayor, that the case would earlier have been brought to the attention of the Court, but that, not until within a day or two ago, was it ascertained that the matter was within the jurisdiction of the civil authorities. The Mayor, in commenting upon the case, said that the good treatment of the prisoners, now in our possession, was not a matter of duty, but it involved also a point of honor which he hoped would be properly recognized by al concerned. The case was remanded to the Hustings Court, at its December term, and the accused sent to jail.

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