From the Richmond Dispatch, 4/23/1862, p. 2, c. 4

Raid on the Disorderlies. – Assistant Provost Marshal Geo. W. Alexander, with a portion of his armed and unarmed force, on Monday night made "a recognizance in force" in the lower part of the city, among the disorderly characters there to be found, and was enabled by diligent search to fish out of their holes and corners fifteen desperate characters, including sundry deserters and men who had sold themselves as substitutes in the militia, and afterwards took French leave. Michael Gately and four others, who lately escaped from Castle Godwin, were retaken.

A fellow who calls himself Hughes, who had received $1,000 from Mr. James Walsh, gunsmith, to act as his substitute, and who thereupon cut stick, was arrested by Captain Alexander's force yesterday evening. These raids on the disorderlies do much towards keeping the lower part of the city more quiet and peaceable than it ever was before.

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