From the Richmond Dispatch, 4/10/1862, p. 2, c. 3

Castle Godwin. – We furnished a few days ago a list of prisoners arrested for various offences, and in confinement in the above prison, up to the 15th of March. The subjoined list gives the names of all arrested and in confinement since that date, and brings up the list to within the last few days. There are now near 100 persons under duress for various offences in the above prison, two of whom are under sentence of death. The arrests from March 15th embrace the following names:

Committed 14th March. – James Rush, Parkersburg, Va.

Committed 15th March. – J. W. Hughes, Richmond, suspicion; John Hancock, Richmond.

Committed 17th March. – Jas. King, Richmond, suspicion.

Committed 20th March. – Julius Roth, R. T. Sale, Lt. G. T. Twells, Wm. Thom, J. Y. Phillips, Richmond, disloyalty.

Committed 21st March. – J. C. Humphreys, R. F. Humphreys, J. P. Pritchard, Frank Livingston, Richmond, disloyalty.

Committed 22d March. – Thomas Hancock, Richmond, suspicion.

Committed 24th March. – Samuel Zeigler, alias Greenwall, Harper's Ferry, suspicion; D. S. Cates, 4th Tennessee regiment.

Committed 25th March. – Wm. L. Schofield, Texas, Thos. Robertson, Ga., spies.

Committed 26th March. – W. W. Ritch, Washington, N. C., supposed to be a spy; E. S. Baker, Richmond, __ __; Alex Morris, Gordonsville, disloyalty; Chas. Brown, New Orleans, ___; Price Lewis, New York, spy.

Committed 27th March. – Wm. B. West, 13th Va. Vols, ___; Rienard Pierce, Richmond Zouaves, Felix Hughes, Johnson's artillery, suspicion.

Committed 28th March. – Christopher Bolton, Henrico, disloyalty; L. P. Maines, Baltimore, ___; M. P. Morse, Matthews Co., Va., disloyalty.

Committed 31st March. – Michael Gately, desertion; S. Z. Howard, 14th Ala., desertion; Thos. Johnson, desertion; W. C. Hughes, ___; Thos. Leonard, 14th Ala., assault and battery; Patrick Murphy, Magruder's Artillery, ___.

Committed 1st April. – J. S. Brantwhite, Richmond, Union man; George White, Baltimore, desertion; John Hughes, Cropper's corps, desertion.

Committed 2d April. – Samuel McGee alias Dockerty, Livinston dragoons, ___; John S. O'Brien, Richmond, desertion; Tim O'Brien, desertion; Mike Murphy, ___; W. Fitzgerald, desertion, after engaging as a substitute; Wm. Ryan, 19th Miss., do.

Committed 3d April. – John Smith, ___; Tim Webster, Mrs. Webster, Kentucky, spies; Nicholas Lutze, ___; Mike Cuppy, Appomattox, ___; John Fallon, guard; breach of discipline; Wm. Miller, do., do., Mike Ambrain, political prisoner; Mike Fitzgerald, New Orleans, fighting; David Pettus, 38th Va. regiment, ___; J. T. Reed, disloyalty.

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