From the Richmond Whig, 3/10/1862

"CASTLE GODWIN." - This seems to be the recognized designation of the Confederate prison, in Lumpkin's alley. On Saturday, the following prisoners, were received.

A Mr. Manvill, of Delaware, who crossed the Potomac on the 2d inst., and was arrested in Fredericksburg.

Miss Ann E. Scott, arrested at Leesburg, by order of Brig. Gen. Hill.

There were no arrests, yesterday, of importance. On Saturday, a number of citizens were arrested by the patrol guard, for wearing military caps or other insignia of the army. Of course, those who were known were discharged at the guard house, but the majority were provided with a night's lodging at the prison. There is no offense in wearing soldier clothes, but the guard have orders to arrest every private or non-commissioned officer who fails to produce a furlough or other satisfactory evidence of his right to be absent from his post, and there is no way to distinguish the difference between a soldier and civilian, except by the apparel.

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