From the Richmond Enquirer, 3/4/1862

MORE UNIONISTS ARRESTED. - Two detectives have ferretted out and arrested two more persons, suspected of entertaining Union sentiments and proclivities. Charles Crousse, a city night watchman, was seized and lodged in Castle Godwin, yesterday afternoon. Witnesses depose that he is a Union man, by his own assertion. He has been known to declare, "that he had a knife which he carried in Florida, and with which he would end his own life before he would turn against the Union."

Augustus Brummell, formerly a Lieutenant in Capt. Kirby's Company, Wise Legion, who was captured by the Yankees, and, subsequently released on parole to effect an exchange, was also arrested and sent to jail. Being unable to effect an exchange, the prisoner set out for the North by way of Norfolk and the truce boat, after having overstayed his time in the Southern Confederacy. In the latter part of last week he returned to Richmond, alleging that he had received an extension of time from General Wool, and that he intended to make fresh exertions for an exchange. The Lieutenant is arrested, because of the suspicious circumstances attending his trip to Norfolk and return.

John Scully, a Lincoln detective, arrested on the 1st inst., upon suspicion of being a spy, was, yesterday transferred from the city jail to Castle Godwin, where he will receive all the attentions due to his calling and position.

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