From the Richmond Dispatch, 6/5/1862, p. 2, c. 3

To be Sent South. – We learn that a number of the prisoners now in confinement at Castle Godwin will be sent under guard, this morning, to Salisbury, North Carolina. The parties thus booked for a Southern trip are: James King, John Scully, Price Lewis, August Bittersill, James I. Ash, Geo. W. Twells, Hugh McMahon, Gabriel Custo, John McClelland, James Robertson, Henry Wingo, alias Smith, Alex'r Myers, Lewis Bache, C. R. Turner, Wm. Reynolds, Chas. Gennell, Frank Livingstone, J. T. Lovett, M. Lovett, Allen Leonard, and L. H. Trook – twenty-one in number.

One hundred and thirty men, confined as Union traitors in the Confederate Military Prison, on Cary street, will also be sent South this morning, to make room for any additional number that may come into our hands by reason of the operations now going on in front of Richmond.

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