From the Richmond Examiner, 8/4/1862, p. 2, c. 4

BAYONETTING A PRISONER. – On Saturday one of the guard at Belle Island found it necessary to use his bayonet on the person of a Yankee prisoner, who persisted in forcing himself beyond the prescribed limits. The bayonet struck him in the breast, penetrating an inch or so, and causing a flow of blood, which was soon staunched by the surgeon in attendance.

The occurrence created great indignation among the prisoners, and they were at no pains to conceal it. Muttered remarks could be heard passing among them, such as “wait a while,” “every dog has his day,” &c. The fact is, the prisoners are insulting and rude, and the guard have to be very stringent with them, or in time they would get beyond control. Too much liberty, under certain circumstances, is a bad thing with such creatures, and if the guard was doubled it would do no harm.

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