Rules and Regulations of the C. S. Military Prisons, 1863(?). Signed by Thomas P. Turner. National Archives, RG249.


I. All orders effecting prisoners of war and the general discipline of the entire command, will be issued only by the officer commanding; and order proceeding from any other source will not be regarded by officers on duty at the prisons.

II. There will be a roll-call daily of the prisoners at 7½ A. M., and at 5 P. M., and the officer of the guard must be present at each.

III. No prisoner, whatever his rank, will be allowed to leave the quarters to which he is assigned, under any pretext whatever, without special permission from the officer commanding; nor shall any prisoner be fired upon by a sentinel or other person, except in case of revolt or attempted escape.

IV. No letters, packages, or parcels of any kind, can be passed into the prison or hospital, without first being examined by the officer commanding, or the Surgeon of the post.

V. Prisoners are not allowed to have any communication with persons outside of the prison, and no visitor will be allowed an interview with a prisoner without permission from the Brigadier General commanding the Department of Henrico. from Hd. Qrs.

VI. Prisoners are not allowed to converse with the sentinels; nor must they congregate about the windows after dark.

VII. The firing of one gun at night, or two during the day, will be the signal for immediate assembling of the guard.

VIII. Under no circumstances will the sentinel be allowed to sit down upon post, or to rest their guns on the ground.

IX. At 9 o'clock P. M., the lights throughout the prison, except in the hospital and officers' quarters, must be immediately extinguished; and it shall be the duty of the Officer of the Guard to inspect the prison at that hour, to see that the lights are put out, fire secured, and that everything is quiet.

X. No conversation, intercourse, or trading with the prisoners, in any manner whatever, will be allowed.

XI. The Officer of the Guard must not be absent at any one time from his post for a period exceeding one hour.

XII. The guard off post must remain constantly at the guard-house ready for instant service, and their guns must be kept on the rack.

XIII. Every guard room must be policed each morning by the old guard, and will not be received, by the officer of the new guard unless in good order. Both the officers of the old and new guard will be held responsible for the execution of this order, and also for the safe keeping of all articles left in the guard house.

XIV. These rules and regulations must be read to the new guard every morning before posting the first relief.


Lieut. Major Comd'g.

Brig. Gen. Comd'g Dept. Henrico.

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