From the Richmond Daily State Journal, 1/16/1872, p. 1, c. 4

THE TREDEGAR IRON WORKS. – We clip the following reference to this very large and complete establishment from the New-Berne (N/C/) Republic of Saturday:

“Few people are aware of the magnitude and extent of the above named iron works, situated on the bank of the James river, at Richmond, Va., near Belle Isle, (made so famous “during the late unpleasantness.”) These works are prepared for, and are doing an immense business, over thirteen hundred men are employed. They are largely engaged in building railroad cars, some being made wholly of iron. The company are now turning out a large number of iron coal cars for railroads in Pennsylvania. We have noticed a powerful locomotive on the Wilmington and Weldon railroad, built at these works, and we learn they are now building two iron steamships for the new line between Richmond and New York. The capitalists of the South should see to it that manufactories of all kinds are established in our States in order to develop our vast resources. Home industry is only self preservation, and self preservation is the first law of nature.”

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