From the Richmond Whig, 6/2/1848, p. 3, c. 2

LEFT the Tredegar Iron Works in this city, about four weeks ago, without any provocation whatever, the following Negro Men, viz:

George, hired of Mr. Richard Hill of this city, the property of Mr. P. H. Price, near Verdon, Hanover county. He is supposed to be about 25 years of age, a dark brown fellow, thick set, and is very smart and active. Jordan, the property of Mr. Ed. Sydnor, of Hanover, is about 40 years of age, a dark brown also, very tall, downcast look, and speaks very slowly. He is believed to be lurking about the city, and George may be too.

A suitable reward will be paid for their apprehension and return to me, at the Tredegar Works.


je 2 – c1w

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