From the Nashville Union and American, 7/21/1869, p. 1, c. 3

A VIRGINIA farmer was arrested by General Canby’s Ku-Klux not long ago, for discharging a negro employee on account of his politics. And now, Lizze Van Lew, Postma’am of Richnmond, has discharges her coachman because he would not agree to vote on her side in the late election; or, rather, because he told one of the clerks in the postoffice that he intended to vote the ticket that all other white men were going to vote. General Canby has not yet issued an order for Lizzie’s arrest, we believe; the reason of this neglect being simply that she is a Radical, while the former was on the other side of the political fence. So it appears to be confessed that Canby, and the army under him, instead of aiding the administration of justice in Virginia, are devoted to the advancement of a particular party and the persecution of its opponents. That that is not the duty for which the army was created, will hardly be disputed even by candid Radicals.

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