From the Nashville Union and American, 3/25/1869, p. 3, c. 1


It was in the time of Romulus that Tarpeia, the daughter of the Governor of the Roman citadel, agreed to betray the garrison. Covetous of the bracelets worn by the Sabine soldiers, she demanded, as a reward, the ornaments which they carried upon their left arms. She opened the gates of the fortress, and having gained possession of it, the Sabines threw their shields upon the traitress and crushed her to death. Down through all the subsequent centuries, says the Baltimore Gazette, the crime which has been held in most general detestation among men is treachery. Even those who profit by the deed invariably despise the wretch who perpetrates it. But as human affairs are conducted, it is unhappily necessary both for the civil and military authorities of a nation to reward individuals in certain cases for their desertion of duty or betrayal of a trust. But such is the contempt usually felt for the traitor that he is generally awarded his recompense in gold, and is seldom elevated to a lucrative place of honorable office. Arnold was one of the exceptions to this rule, but notwithstanding the rank conferred upon him, he was universally abhorred by the people to whom he sought to render such invaluable service. But the Radical party in this country, having no nice scruples about the means by which it attains its ends, makes little distinction between dirty and honorable work. It confers upon the spy and the traitor the same kind of reward that it gives to the gallant soldier. As if to encourage others to emulate her infamy, it has just appointed on Miss Van Lew to be postmistress at Richmond. This important position has been bestowed upon her in consideration of her betrayal of the people of that city when Gen. Grant was before it. She was entitled to blood money for her base treachery, but it is indecent and scandalous to the last degree that such a person should be elevated to a high and responsible office. All other considerations apart, the public interests demand that the government agents should be selected for some other reason than their complicity with treachery and falsehood. The Tarpeia who would betray a city is not above tampering with the mails.

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