From the Ouachita (Monroe, La.) Telegraph, 6/1/1877, p. 2, c. 4

WASHINGTON, May 24. – The Administration appears to be of a somewhat doubtful mind as to Southern patronage. Mosby is about the White House a good deal, makes himself at home there, and has just effected the one object of Virginia politicians – the removal of plucky Miss Van Lew from the Richmond Post Office. He appears to be having very much his own way about a Collectorship at Petersburg, and is altogether of a good deal of importance. On the other hand, a prominent Louisiana representative, now in town, who pressed one of his friends for an office, was told by Hayes (another Southerner standing by, which made matters more disagreeable) that the Administration had appointed all the Conservative office seekers it intended to, and would devote itself to Republicans hereafter. They are getting woefully scattered just now. Gen. Pillow, who has come here with some vague hopes of getting on the bench, will go back with his labor for his pains. It is not impossible, however, that the vacancy caused by Judge Emmons’s death may go to the South. But for the present no decision is likely to be made.

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