From the Richmond Daily State Journal, 6/17/1872, p. 1, c. 2

MAIL IRREGULARITIES. – “Col. Van Lew, postmaster of Richmond, is catching ‘Hail Columbia’ from the country newspapers about the irregularity of the mails. The trouble must be in the mailing department of our post-office.” – Enquirer.

In our paper of Saturday afternoon, we published extracts from the Fredericksburg papers, showing undoubted irregularities in the transmission of Richmond papers to that city. We did not attempt to locate the fault, for the reason that we did not know where it belonged. Our object was simply to call attention to the matter, for the benefit of our friends at Fredericksburg, feeling sure that if the neglect belonged to the mail service, it would be promptly remedied. For the information of the sufferers and the public generally, we would state the Monday morning’s edition of one of our city papers did not reach the Richmond postoffice on Sunday morning until after the mail for Fredericksburg had been placed on board the cars at the depot, and, as a matter of course, had to lay over twenty-four hours. We mention this case as possibly affording a clue to the many irregularities complained of.

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