From the Richmond Examiner, 10/7/1861

PRESENTATION OF A SWORD. – Hon. Alfred B. Ely, M. C., of the Rochester, N. Y., District, in Lincoln's Congress, who was captured on the field of Manassas, on the memorable 21st of July, and who has since been imprisoned in one of the Richmond tobacco factories, was the recipient, a few days since, of a valuable token of the regard and esteem in which he is held by his fellow-prisoners. An ingenious artisan among the number fabricated a wooden sword of considerable dimensions and comely shape, together with a rope sash, which was presented to the belligerent Congressman by a committee, in an address which was replied to by the recipient of the honour in excellent style, followed by an acceptance of the gift. The prisoners, of which Mr. Ely is one, seem to get along very well under the care of Capt. G. C. Gibbs, who has them in charge. – Mr. Ely himself certainly has not suffered in flesh, however he may have done in the spirit.

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