Stuart Hospital was also called Old Fair Grounds Hospital, Fort Stuart Hospital, and Barracks Hospital. It occupied the ground now within the limits of the municipal-owned Monroe Park though, at that time, the grounds extended north to Broad Street. The present boundaries are Franklin, Main, Laurel, and Belvidere Streets. Until 1859 it had been the State Fair Grounds which were moved to Hermitage.The land was used as a drill and assembly ground from the early days of the War under various names. Later in the War it was the home camp of the City Guard.

It became Stuart Hospital on June 2, 1864 by converting the City Guard barracks. It had 16 buildings and the employees were listed as 124 in 1864. It was named for General J. E. B. Stuart.

Stuart Hospital was a treatment hospital with beds for about 500.  Dr. S. Meredith was the surgeon-in-charge; later it was Dr. R. A. Lewis.

Stuart Hospital was taken over by Federal occupation forces and operated as a Post Hospital from April 13 to August 3, 1865; a General Hospital from August 4 to December 1,  1865; and a post Hospital from December 2 to December 31, 1865 under the name of Camp Winthrop.

Dr. William H. Palmer was the surgeon-in-charge.

From Confederate Military Hospitals in Richmond by Robert W. Waitt, Jr., Official Publication #22 Richmond Civil War Centennial committee, Richmond, Virginia 1964.

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