From the Richmond Dispatch, 6/19/1862, p. 1, c. 6

Exciting Chase. - A deserter from Captain Marmaduke Johnson's artillery company, named John Keyser, alias Wm. Shultz, who has been a resident of Castle Godwin for the past five weeks, hit upon a novel expedient yesterday evening to get out of his imprisonment. About the time the day-god retired for the night, and things generally had begun to assume a dusky hue, Keyser blacked his face with soot from a fire-place in an upper story of the Castle, and set out on his pilgrimage, taking with him a broom and basket, to make sure of his presenting an Ethiopian tout ensemble sufficiently plausible to deceive the guard at the door. He was successful, the second class militiaman at the door passing him as a servant connected with the establishment. The absence of the prisoner was soon noted, and chase being given, he dropped his broom and basket and ran through Shockoe Creek in the direction of the depot of the Central Railroad. One of his pursuers, Mr. Fred. Shaffer, a warden at the prison, discharged a pistol in the direction of the flying fugitive, which seemed to accelerate his flight; but, being headed off by a number of citizens, the officer was enabled to come up with and arrest the fugitive, who was returned to the prison and appropriately punished for his conduct. Keyser is represented as being a hard case. Capt. Johnson has been unable to do anything with him as a member of his company.

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