From the Richmond Whig, 1/22/1865, p. 1, c. 1

GOING TO THE YANKEES. – Capt. Macubbin and his police on Saturday night arrested James A. Duke and his three sons Moses, Wm. and John, and John Hancock and Wm. Lawson on the charge of running people through the lines, and Wilson Schoolter, Wm. A. Black, Charles Phillips, Wm. Markwalter, Chas. H. Coleman and Gupart Huke and Jos. Bunkley on the charge of being about to run through the lines. The parties were all bagged at Duke’s (Mull’s old tavern) in Ricketts, and the latter confessed that they were about to run the blockade; that Lawson and Hancock had bargained with them and handed them over to Duke and his sons who were to pilot them through. They had their knapsacks, haversacks, &c. On Hancock’s person was a letter directed to “Col. Streight” giving some information relative to the effect of the Freshet on the James river defences. The parties were all put in Castle Thunder.

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