From the Richmond Dispatch, 11/5/1862, p. 1, c. 4

An Incident of the War. – Nearly a year ago a Yankee soldier, named Solomon Bell, was captured in the vicinity of Manassas and sent to this place, where, after undergoing an imprisonment of several months, he was exchanged and sent North. Arrived there, he rejoined the invading army and had the luck again to fall into the hands of our soldiers on the coast of North Carolina, and was removed to Salisbury, N. C., for safe keeping. While there, it leaked out that Bell had formerly been a citizen of Richmond. This fact became known by his writing a letter to his wife here, containing directions to sell off his house and lot at Rocketts, and household furniture, so as to be ready to accompany him on his next trip North. Bell being an alien enemy of a very decided sort, his property necessarily was escheated to the Government, which he was aiding to pull down. A few days since Deputy Marshal Henry Myers, by virtue of a process from the District Court, took possession of the property described in the letter of Solomon Bell to Mary Ann Bell, his wife, which will be sold in due time, and the proceeds paid over to the receiver of sequestered property. Simon Bell was not long since brought from Salisbury, and is now an inmate of the Libby prison.

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