From the Burlington (Vt.) Weekly Free Press, 8/15/1873, p. 2, c. 6

The Reunion at Rutland.
A Thousand Veterans in Camp.
Gens. Hawley, Devens and Doubleday in Attendance.

…To tell of the service done by your regiments, is the task of the historian, and I will not attempt it. But I may say that their record is not unfamiliar to me. I see here many men with whom I was associated in the army. Your 9th Regiment was under my command. I recognize before me an old Brigade flag of my Division, the flag of the first Brigade was commanded by one of your Colonels. Gen. Devens went on to speak on the attachment of true patriots to the flag and told how he stood in Richmond, the day of its capture, and on the piazza of Mrs. Van Lew, the noble and true hearted lady who did so much for her soldiers, in Libby Prison, and heard her describe her emotions, as, after four years of waiting for the right to triumph, she saw at last the lines of loyal bayonets marching in over the New Market road, and over them the American flag how she and her household sank down on their knees and thanked God that they saw it once more wave in triumph. [remainder of speech not transcribed – MDG]

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