From the Richmond Times, 6/25/1901, p. 1, c. 4

Sale Confirmed and the Virginia Club Will Make Extensive Improvements.

The confirmation of the sale of the Van Lew property, on East Grace Street, to the Virginia Club for $13,000, by Judge Lamb in the Chancery Court yesterday, is an item of interest to the large and increasing number of members of the club and their many friends, who will rejoice with them in the acquisition of such a splendid club home.

This piece of property, occupying a magnificent position on the brow of Church Hill and commanding a splendid view of the Valley of the James, up and down, and the stretches of Chesterfield beyond, is bounded by Grace, Franklin, Twenty-third and Twenty-fourth Streets, and was for many years the home of Miss Elizabeth Van Lew.

The club proposes extensive alterations and improvements. The services of a landscape gardener will be secured at once for the beautification of the grounds, which will be cleared up and put in the best of shape. The walk from the rear of the house will be extended down handsome stone steps to an entrance to be made on Franklin street. This will be very convenient to the car line on Main street. There are one or two beautiful springs of clear, sweet water near the Franklin street wall. There will be ample room for a tennis court, and the trees and hedges already on the property with attention and trimming will lend themselves very admirably to the furtherance of the design of a landscape artist.

The house within will be refitted and refurbished from top to bottom. New windows will be put in, the basement redivided into a large café, grill-room, &c. The first and second floors, with but little radical change when furnished in colonial style, will be admirably in keeping with the aims and purposes of the new owners. The club hopes to move in in two months.

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