From the National Archives, RG 109, Ch. 6, Vol. 707-709; "Letters Received and Sent, Chimborazo Hospital. 1861-64." 3 Vols: Vol. 708, p. 207

Richmond, Aug 26 1863

My dear Jim,

            My Mother concludes not to take your offer of $1,000, and will be obliged if you will make arrangements to vacate the premises at "Chimborazo House" on the 16th November, next ensuing. As your contract requires, she wishes the house &c put in the condition in which you received them. She will not require the "dead-house," in the garden, to be removed at the expense of the Confederate States Government & does not wish it removed, at all, if you, or the Government be inconvenienced thereby.

Very Truly Yours,
              R. H. Gordon(?)

Dr. Jas. B. McCaw
Chimborazo Hospital

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