From the Richmond Whig, 4/17/1865

ARRIVAL OF GEN. LEE. – Gen. R. E. Lee arrived in this city about three o'clock Saturday evening. Attended by five members of his staff he rode into the city over the pontoon bridge at the foot of 17th street and thence up Main street to his residence on Franklin street between 7th and 8th streets.

Passing rapidly through the city, he was recognized by but a few citizens, who raised their hats, a compliment which was in every case returned, but on nearing his residence, the fact of his presence having spread quickly, a great crowd rushed to see him, and set up a loud cheering, to which he replied by simply raising his hat. As he descended from his horse, a large number of persons pressed forward and shook hands with him. This ceremony being gotten through with by the General as quietly and unostentatiously as possible, he retired into his house and the crowd dispersed.

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