From the Southern Opinion, 8/8/1868

The Libby Prison

The fame of whose terrible name caused the Yankee North to shudder during the war, is a prison house no more. It was evacuated by the fragment of United States army guard on Monday; the few prisoners therein being transferred to the city jail for the present, and the guard, &c., to Elba Park, Broad Street, once the seat of John Minor Botts.

“To what base uses,” etc.

The old Libby, like Castle Thunder, will revert to its original uses – that of a commission warehouse and tobacco factory. But its memory is preserved in history,, and the Libby will be associated with the war so long as its reminiscences are recalled by the thousands of “blue bellies” who, at one time or other, were held within its gloomy walls.

Should the spirit of improvement ever take up its line of march from Rocketts westward along the banks of the muddy Jim, the old Libby will go under, to make place for a more modern structure.

With a parting look into your somber, empty walls, your many window eyes, lusterless, gazing eastward, old Libby, the source of many a good item, we bid thee farewell!

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