From the National Archives, RG 109, Ch. 9, Vol. 199½, “Letters & Orders Issued, Confederate Military Prison, January, 1862 – December, 1863.” p. 56

C. S. Military Prisons
Richmond Va. Jany. 21, 1863

Capt. W. S. Winder
A. A. Genl.

                                   In accordance with Genl. Winder’s directions I have with Lieut. Mahone officer of the guard, made a careful examination of the Mayo factory in order to ascertain the injury being done as alleged by R. A. Mayo Esq. to said factory, and particularly to certain valuable property owned by him and stored in the building and after a thorough inspection of the establishment am entirely unable to discover any reasonable ground for such a complaint. That the floors and walls have been and may be soiled and defaced and probably a few panes of glass broken out, is not to be doubted, but that any material injury, if any at all has been done to any valuable movable property such as tobacco instruments for manufacturing tobacco &c &c which was stored on the ground floors and under an adjacent shed, I do respectfully beg leave to deny, and am of the opinion that any reasonable gentleman will upon careful examination be of the same opinion.

                  I have the honour to be, sir,

Your Obedient Servant
T. P. Turner
Capt. Comdg.

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