Charles Dimmock Compiled Service Record, M331, National Archives

Armory Richmond
May 28th 61

Col Garnett
Adjt Genl


The order from Maj Gen. Lee for the establishment of a military guard at Bellona Arsenal Magazine, I have obeyed by detaching from the Pub. Guard a non Com officer and six privates.

I had before his order employed citizen watchmen as I have at Lynchburg.

The city of Richd Magazine and the State Magazine at the Penitentiary are guarded – the former by the City Police, the latter by the Public Guard.

The Magazine at Lexington [page break] I presume is guarded by the Cadets of the V. M. I.

The magazine at the Navy Yard I also presume is guarded.

Very Respy Yours
C. Dimmock
Col. of Ordnance

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