From the Richmond Dispatch, 10/2/1861, p. 3, c. 1

Small Arms.

Almost as if by magic, an extensive establishment has sprung into existence in Richmond, where a large number of workmen are employed in repairing and refitting muskets for the use of our army. The shops are located on Seventh street, and are owned by the Government of the Confederate States. Within ten days past the machinery has been placed in position, and is now in active operation. Two steam engines (one 35-horse power,) furnish the driving force, and from the plans laid down we are satisfied that the establishment will soon be complete in all its departments. We state these facts with a view of giving encouragement to those who may suppose that the Government is not pushing forward vigorously in every respect, with a view to a determined resistance against the foe. A large number of muskets, thrown away by the Yankees on their flight from Manassa, [sic] are now undergoing the necessary repairs, and many of them daily leave the hands of the workmen "as good as new." Every citizen who possesses an old gun, for which he has no especial use, would subserve the cause of the South by sending it in to the Ordnance Department.

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