From the Richmond Whig, 2/26/1864, p. 1, c. 3

HEAVY THEFT. - On Wednesday evening, Mr. David C. Mayo, tobacconist, corner of 19th and Cary streets, finding his factory in a very crowded condition, was obliged to leave a hogshead of tobacco out in the street. Two soldiers, John Barnes and Richard McGregory, coming along and seeing the hogshead lying unprotected, determined to appropriate it, and with this view laid hold of it and rolled it up Cary street. They had gotten it up as far as the corner of 15th and Cary streets, when watchmen Page and Drake, being informed of their proceedings, pursued and took them into custody, and carried them and the tobacco to the first station house, where the tobacco was yesterday morning seen and identified by the owner. The case was brought before the Mayor yesterday morning. One witness testified that he saw the prisoners rolling the hogshead up the street about seven o'clock on the previous night. - saw them stop and go into a groggery to get a drink, and then come out and begin rolling it again. When the watchmen came up he identified the prisoners as the men who had been rolling the hogshead, and pointed them out, they having left it on the approach of the watchmen. A member of the city battalion stated, that being on guard at the government stables, opposite the old gas works, two soldiers rolled a hogshead up Cary street, and wanted to roll it into the alley alongside the stable, but he would not let them. The Mayor sent the parties on to be tried before the Hustings Court.

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