From Richmond Dispatch, 6/1/1861, p. 2

Arrival of General Beauregard and Staff. – This distinguished officer, accompanied by Ex-Governor Manning, of South Carolina, Major D. R. Jones, Captains Chisholm, Haymond and Manning, arrived in Richmond yesterday, at noon, on the train from Petersburg. Hundreds of citizens and soldiers gathered to give them welcome, and it was not without great difficulty that Beauregard was taken from the cars, hurried through the crowd, and driven in a private carriage to his headquarters at the Exchange.

The people surrounded the vehicle, cheered, shook him by the hand, and seemed satisfied to touch even the "hem of his garment." – Modestly acknowledging these demonstrations, he avoided them as quickly as possible, and turned the nearest corner to escape the detonating cheers that followed the carriage on every side. For a moment he stopped at the Spotswood, to pay his compliments to the President, but that gentleman being absent, he proceeded on his way to his own hotel. It is proper to add that Mr. Hoeninger, of the Spotswood, had prepared for his reception a handsome barouche and four, but the brave General, with his characteristic modesty, chose a more republican mode of conveyance in the shape of an ordinary hack, and a very ordinary one it was, too.

Many gentlemen called on him during the day and evening, to pay him their compliments.

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