From the Richmond Dispatch, 7/18/1862, p. 1, c. 6

Sympathy for the Distressed — Scarcely a day passes that the saddest indications of grief are not witnessed upon our streets. Yesterday, a lady, upon whose countenance was depicted marks of the sincerest sorrow, was met by Mrs. President Davis, whose attention she attracted and who inquired the cause of her grief. The story of the unfortunate was a brief one, but full of sadness, - Her husband, a sergeant in a North Carolina company, was wounded in the battle at Malvern Hill, and she had come to the city in search of him, but had failed to find him in any of the hospitals. Mrs. Davis kindly invited her to the Presidential mansion, where she is now a guest, and an advertisement appears in our columns for the wounded and missing husband.

[same paper, page 2, c. 6:]

INFORMATION WANTED. – Any information of Sergeant JOHN M. WATKINS, company C, 3d North Carolina regiment, who was wounded in the head at Malvern Hill, would be thankfully received by his wife. Please address the information to Mrs. ELIZA WATKINS, at the President's House.

jy 18 – 3t*

[ed. note: John M. Watkins resided in Cumberland County, NC and enlisted at age 34 on May 29, 1861 for the duration of the war. He mustered in as a sergeant. He was wounded at Malvern Hill, July 1, 1862 and later died of his wounds. The location of his death is not specified. He was reduced to ranks after he was wounded. From North Carolina Troops, Vol. III (Manarin, ed.), p. 521.]

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