From the Richmond Enquirer, 8/6/1862, p. 1, c. 7

THE MILITARY DISTRICT. – A radius of ten miles describes this district. Brigadier General Winder holds the general commanding position. Major E. Griswold is Provost Marshal, the next officer in command of the conduct of the district. Subordinate to the latter are Assistant Provost Marshals Alexander and Booker. The office of Gen. Winder is on Main street, south side, near the corner of 9th street, where he adjudicates a vast number of cases, and issues orders concerning the disposition of prisoners. Major Griswold's office is on the corner of 9th and Broad. – Here passports are issued to soldiers and citizens, and all sorts of local cases are either adjudicated or handed over to the local authorities. Captain Alexander's office is a few steps above 15th street, on Franklin. – Captain A. has charge of "Castle Godwin," and directs a body of special police, who have proven very efficient in their exertions. Lieut. R. M. Booker, of Hampton, Va., has charge of "Castle Grizzly," (named in compliment of a distinguished barrister of Richmond,) and his duties are similar to those of Capt. Alexander. – This "Castle" is situated on the corner of 6th and Cary streets. Both of these gentlemen are energetic and vigilant, and have never yet suffered a prisoner to escape from their custody without being afterwards arrested, and both in prison discipline and hygiene are without reproach, especially when we consider the circumstances under which they labor.

There are now in Castle Godwin about two hundred prisoners, consisting of military offenders of various characters. In Castle Grizzly, there are about one hundred. Independently of the regular prisoners, each establishment is required to sustain a number of houseless unfortunates dismissed from their hospitals, and with no money and no friends to take them away. In many instances, this class has proven too weak to undergo the privations and diet of the prison, become sick again and are returned to the hospitals. We would direct the attention of the Head of the District to this simple item.

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