From the Richmond Whig, 1/2/1862, p 3, c. 1

NEW YEAR'S DAY. - Yesterday was almost a "gala day" in this city. The weather was delightful, reminding us of the ethereal mildness of Spring. No one remembered a more auspicious beginning of a year, so far as the weather was concerned, and all united in the hope that the sunshine, balmy air, and general temperature were harbingers of gladness in the future. The weather and the occasion induced a general observance of the day as a holiday. The sidewalks were consequently thronged with people seeking enjoyment or exercise. In some of the streets the crowd of negroes waiting to be hired out for the year, swelled the general turn out of the population.

The leading event of the day was the "reception" at the Presidential mansion, lasting from 12 M. to 3 P. M. Hundreds of citizens and sojourners, including innumerable ladies, paid their respects to the President, who shook hands with each one, and exchanged the "compliments of the season" with that grace and sauvity of manner which distinguish him. The Armory Band was stationed in front of the mansion, from 1 until 2, and enlivened the occasion by some fine music.

Between 2 and 3 o'clock, the Governor's Mansion was visited by a large number of gentlemen, who called upon his Excellency to wish him a "Happy New Year." They were not permitted to leave until they had partaken of his hospitality, which was dispensed on this occasion in the shape of a big bowl of apple-toddy, to which the visitors were welcomed by the Governor and his aids. The Armory Band also performed here during this conviviality. Everybody seemed to be in fine spirits yesterday, and it only wanted the news of some important discomfiture of the Yankees to render the jubilation excessive.

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