J. R. Anderson & Co. File, M346, p. 634, National Archives,

[Excerpts of a larger, and seemingly unrelated, invoice]

Confederate States of America

To J. R. Anderson & Co.


28 Hauling 1-32 pdr gun to Battery No. 3                                                                                                            15-

     Hauling 1-8 in shell gun from redoubt “C” near battery No. 4 to Battery No. 13 Manchester               25-

     Hauling-1-32 pdr gun (63 cwt) from Battery No. 3 to Manchester Tredegar                                            10-

31 Hauling 1-8 in shell gun from batty. No. 9 to Batty 14 Manchester                                                            25-

I CERTIFY that the above account is correct and just, amounting One Hundred and Sixty Nine Dollars and thirty cents, and that the services have been performed.

R. K. Hudgins Capt.
Ordnance Duty

RECEIVED Richmond 18th March 1863 of Capt. Edwd B. Smith Asst to Chf of Ord: One Hundred and Sixty Nine Dollars Thirty Cents, in full of the above account.

J. R. Anderson & Co.

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