From the Richmond Dispatch, 10/14/1869, p. 1, c. 3

THE FEDERAL DEAD IN VIRGINIA. – The following is an official statement of the number of Federal soldiers, white and colored, interred in the national cemeteries of the First Military District:

Buried at City Point, 5,150; Culpeper, 1,343; Cold Harbor, 1,983; Danville, 1,289; Fredereicksburg, 15,228; Fort Harrison, 802; Glendale, 1,189; Poplar Grove, 6,137; Richmond, 6,313; Staunton, 749; Seven Pines, 1,357; Manchester, 4,470; Yorktown, 2,162. Total (including white and black, known and unknown), 53,161. Of this number the names of 19,572 were known. Counting the names of 208 persons employed in our navy, citizens and Confederates, buried in the cemeteries mentioned above, and we have for the grand total, 53,429. The burials at Arlington are not included in the above estimate.


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