From the Richmond Whig, 6/14/1862, p. 1, c. 2

THE WOUNDED SOUTH CAROLINIANS. – Dr. Middleton Michel, the Surgeon in charge of the South Carolina Hospital, in Manchester, in a communication to the editors of the Charleston Courier, says:

The comfort of our patients in all details has been the object of constant, careful, and solicitous study on our part, and in this connection it is a source of unfeigned gratitude publicly to record the complacency of behavior and agreeableness of manner of the ladies of Manchester and Richmond, who, in no small degree, have aided us by contributing every delicacy and every luxury, towards its successful fulfillment. Among those who have exhibited a degree of liberality which the provisional limitations of the times seem scarcely to permit, we should particularly mention the names of Mrs. Pilkinton, Patterson, Redford, Weisiger, Perdue and Stringfellow, to whom we are so largely indebted.

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