From the Richmond Dispatch, 7/16/1864, p.1, c.6

An Affair of Honor — About seven o'clock Thursday afternoon two young men named Marsh Kreps and William Warthen, repaired to an old field in the northern portion of the city for the purpose of settling a difficulty which had originated between them. Contrary to the usual mode of proceedings in such cases, pistols were not the arbiter of their troubles, but nature's own weapons were brought into use. Arriving on the ground, they commenced to prepare for the combat, but had barely time to strip to the waist and place themselves in the usual knock-down attitude when officers Seal, Kelly, Griffin, and Moore hove in sight, whereupon the belligerents fell back a short distance where they would be in the county of Henrico, and therefor out of the jurisdiction of the city authorities. Here they "pitched in," and after a desperate encounter of thirty-five minutes Krebbs lost the battle. Both of them were badly bruised about the face and eyes, but nothing serious is likely to result from their injuries. They were attended by seconds, and the engagement was witnessed by near two hundred spectators, who had been apprised of the locality and time at which the fight would take place.

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