From the Richmond Dispatch, 5/2/1863, p. 1, c. 4

Robbery in Henrico County – [Black column running down the middle of the article so some words illegible] [?] several colored barber boys from W[?] and other shops in this city were engaged yesterday in fishing at Blakey’s mill-pond, in Henrico county, near Oakwood Cemetery, they were robbed by a number of white? men, who, with [?] pistols and the threat that if they made the slightest noise their brains should be blown out, succeeded? in robbing the entire party of all the watches (three or more in number,) rings, and money possessed by them. The robbers left; threatening what they would do if one of them stirred and soon appeared in the surrounding woods. This was a robbery of a most contemptible kind, for the po[?] knew that those on whom they operated would make no reluctance.

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